Saturday, January 22, 2011

My 30-Minute Secret to Unbelievable Weight Loss without Exercise or Dieting

My friends and relatives always wonder how I can eat so much and never gain any weight. If they only knew my secret that I am about to tell you.

I will reveal here that by mere accident, I learned how to lose up to 5 pounds in only 30 minutes.

What are the Two Major Obstacles to Weight Loss?

Fact #1: Research has shown that high levels of toxicity can lead to weight gain and in increased accumulation of fat throughout the body.

Fact #2: Since fat helps to buffer your body from dangerous toxins, when there is a perceived toxin overload, more fat is generated in order to provide greater protection.

These 2 facts above clearly explain why I was able to lose so much weight with the detox clay bath that I am going to tell about.

It was by Accident How I Learned to Lose Weight Fast and Easily

Because I was sick and suffering from too much mercury inside my body, I needed a way to remove it safely. I read about a special clay bath that many users have experienced positive results with. So I wanted to try this clay bath on myself to see if it would also work on me.

After I had ordered this clay bath, I could not wait to try it out as soon as possible. When I got it in a few days, I followed the instructions precisely and took my first clay bath the next morning. I had filled the tub with really hot water, added the clay water, and went inside. The first time taking this clay bath was the hardest. I was really struggling to stay inside the hot steaming water! My face was completely covered in sweat. I kept jumping up because of how hot the water felt. My skin became all red. I was keeping track of the time with a small clock which was hanging by one corner of my bath tub. After nearly 30 minutes in the clay bath(the water was covered in clay), I rose and saw in my mirror how my waist had flattened a great deal. I was amazed to look so much thinner when I was not even trying to lose any weight!

Here are the 9 steps I have outlined for losing up to 5 pounds in only 30 minutes when taking a clay bath.

Step #1: Prepare the bathtub by following the clay bath manual's instructions on how to seal the drainage inside the tub. Make sure this is done right so no water escapes your tub.

Step #2: Turn on the hot water all the way, and turn it off once the tub fills up almost completely.

Step #3: In a blender, add 1/2 - 1 cup of clay powder in a measuring cup and hot water from the bathtub. Add the hot water first. Make sure to add enough water. Now turn on the blender for 30 seconds. You want the clay powder to become watery, not thick. If it's too thick, add more water and turn on the blender again. This will help prevent your tub from not draining properly when you are done.

Step #4: Find any small clock and place it where you can clearly see it while you are taking your clay bath so you can know exactly how much longer you have to stay inside the tub.

Step #5: Now remove all of your clothes, pour the clay water from the blender jar inside the bathtub. Then jump inside. If the water feels a little too hot, just turn on the cold water for several seconds until you feel you can handle the current water temperature.

Step #6: Make sure your whole body is under the water; this is very important; you won't experience real weight loss if you don't submerge your whole body except your head.

Step #7: When 30 minutes have passed, remove the seal from the drainage and allow all the water to drain. Then, slowly rise out of your bathtub.

By now you would probably be pleasantly surprised to see how much your waist has shrunk in such a short period without exercise or dieting.

Step #8: Take a brief shower to remove lingering clay residues on you.

Step #9: Clean up your bathtub with paper towels. That's it. You have completed your first clay bath. Great job!

Tip #1: Try to use filtered water for each clay bath so your body does not attract the harsh chemicals and heavy metals from the regular tab water.

Tip #2: A positive indicator that you are doing this clay bath correctly is when your face sweats.

Tip #3: The longer you stay in the clay bath, the more fat you are likely to burn off.


Do not exceed 1 hour in any bath: You may feel extremely tired if you stay in the clay bath beyond an hour. This has happened to me more than once.

Below is my review of the detox clay product that I used with huge success in experiencing fast and easy weight loss in only 30 minutes.

Below is my review of the detox clay product that I used with huge success in experiencing fast and easy weight loss in only 30 minutes.

Environmental Detox Clay Bath Review

Environmental Detox Clay Bath is an excellent product that was designed to remove all kinds of chemical residues, including heavy metals like lead and mercury. This Detox Clay uses the highest quality bentonite clay which has a lot of pulling power for removing the toxins from inside your body through your pores. In addition, this clay bath formula has been tested to show that a whole range of toxins do in fact leave your body. This clay bath formula can safely be used by anyone of any age.

For more details click: Environmental Detox Clay Bath

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